When the Check Engine Light turns on, or at the very first indicator of engine problems, Kwik Kar offers a complete engine diagnostics examination, and take care of your engine repair.

The engine is a sensitive piece of machinery, powering your vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Car engines are also referred to as internal combustion engines; they work by heating and combusting fuel inside to move your vehicle by powering pistons. The main outer portion of the engine is called the engine block, it is a large structure with large cylinders where the pistons can move inside as the engine is powered. Cylinders, and other passages built into the engine, allow coolant to flow, which in turn, cools the engine as it works.

Engine Repair and Replacement

There is more to do with maintaining your engine than just getting your oil changed? You can have peace of mind when you bring your vehicle to Kwik Kar repair shop for your oil change because we perform a complete inspection with each oil change interval alerting you to any safety concerns or leaks that we find that could cause costly repairs if allowed to worsen.  Keeping your car’s engine properly maintained will save you money now and later on down the road. Engine repair service is performed right here in Plano, TX.

Signs Your Engine is Failing

The engine makes it very obvious when there is trouble.

Starting Troubles

Key is in the ignition, turning to start, and click, click, click, thud! That’s not good. If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, there are a few different reasons for the trouble, one being the engine.

Shaking and Noises

If your car usually runs fairly smoothly and suddenly, you’re feeling some shaking, or hearing strange sounds from beneath the hood, your engine just might be on the way out.

Poor Mileage

You can keep track of your mileage by writing down the number on your odometer each time you fill-up the tank. Keep your eye on how much gas you get per mile, and if it’s getting worse, the engine might just be to blame.

Idling and Stalling

Nothing is more embarrassing than stalling on the road, but it could be worse than you think, especially if you’re in an automatic. Manuals are infamous for stalling when the clutch isn’t initiated properly, or RPM is overdrawn, but an automatic shouldn’t stall unless there’s a serious issue with the engine.

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