Is your transmission slipping, leaking, not moving forward or in reverse? Car not shifting, or not sure what it’s doing? Bring it to Kwik Kar Auto Care Center in Dallas, Specialized Transmission Experts.

The transmission system of your car is the key providing power to your engine to move the wheels of your car. It is also a very complicated system, and issues can arise that can stop your vehicle dead in its tracks. Transmission problems usually get worse the longer they go without repair, which is why regular maintenance on your vehicle’s transmission system is the best way to prevent costly future repairs.

At Kwik Kar Auto Care Center in Dallas, our experienced technicians will effectively and efficiently diagnose the problem and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance, so you can get back on the road knowing your transmission is in top shape.

Regular maintenance on your vehicle’s transmission can help to keep your vehicle working well and avoid potential future repairs. That’s why our experienced auto technicians at Kwik Kar Auto Care Center provide routine transmission repairs and clutch services to keep your system well maintained. We’ll check the fluids, filter and other components, making adjustments as needed, or we can perform a full transmission flush, removing all of the old fluid and replacing it with clean fluid.

Kwik Kar Auto Care Center in Dallas offers the following transmission and clutch services:

  • Automatic transmission services: diagnoses & repairs
  • Axle shafts
  • Clutch master cylinders
  • Clutch replacement
  • Clutch slave cylinders
  • Computer and electronic diagnoses
  • Differential service & repair
  • Flywheel resurfacing & replacement
  • Four-wheel drive services: diagnoses & repairs
  • Manual transmission services: diagnoses & repairs
  • Service clutch hydraulic systems
  • Transaxle rebuild/repair
  • Transmission cooler lines & hoses
  • Transmission fluid leak detection & repair
  • Transmission rebuild/repair

 Transmission Check includes:

  • CHECK FLUID – Level and condition of transmission fluid
  • ROAD TEST – Road tested to check shift point and performance
  • CHECK SYSTEMS – Visual inspection of transmission external controls
  • COMPUTER SCAN – Scan computer system for any trouble codes
  • SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS – We will complete our free transmission check prior to making service recommendation
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